Are you desire deficient? Are you ready to transform your life? 
My coaching programs are like no other! With my unique background in business, mysticism, shamanism, reiki, astrology, mental fitness, and advanced energetic training, I blend ALL of this to give you a TRANSFORMATIONAL experience.
Below are the types of coaching frameworks I offer.  When you click on "Learn More" you'll fill out a Google Form, which will tell me what you're looking for.  I offer 1:1 coaching, group coaching, 1 hour sessions, or 30 minute sessions. I recommend purchasing a pack of 3 months to ensure success, but otherwise, you can purchase weekly or monthly. 

 Ready to kick ass and transform your life? Choose your path.

Transformational Life Coaching

My passion is helping women to re-focus on themselves without the guilt and overwhelm.  

I offer a very unique coaching program where I blend: Mindfulness, Mental Fitness, and Manifestation. 

This coaching program is very unique and holistic.I'll pass along ancient shamanic rites and tools to you, as well as teach you how to tap into your intuitive powers.

You'lI walk away from this program completely transformed. I recommend a minimum of 3 months to truly see a difference as this type of transformation takes time.

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Transformational Manifestation Coaching

This is for you if you're serious about creating a manifestation practice that works consistently.  

This is the fast-track toward your dreams and goals.  I help you break unconscious beliefs that are holding you back from manifesting, we get clear on your goals, then I help you retrain your brain to work for you.  I also teach you ancient shamanic tools to amplify your power.

To see results, you need to work with me for a minimum of one month, but I recommend three months.

Manifestation is not just thinking about what you want, you have to change the subconscious beliefs that are holding you back and get your energy aligned with abundance.  This typically needs to be done with someone guiding you as it's hard for you to see the subconscious blocks within yourself.

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Business Coaching

With my MBA and background in the Silicon Valley corporate finance world, I have seen it all! I've helped tons of CEOs launch their businesses, raise funds, and grow successfully.  In addition to that, I've owned several successful businesses myself, including the two I currently own. 

I can help you get clear on your goals, define your path, create a roadmap for success, and help you figure out ALL your next steps.

I can also help you launch an online course, launch a podcast, or become PR savvy as I've learned it first-hand and have had great success.

We'll define your goals on our first call and get straight to work! 

I look forward to helping you succeed. 

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