3 Manifestation Tips to Get you Started

manifestation Jan 17, 2022

Manifestation has been a huge buzz word for 2022.  I’ve had a lot of interest in my manifestation workshops and upcoming course, therefore, I figured I would share some tips to help you get started.

To be clear: manifestation is not putting something on a vision board and simply hoping it’ll come true. By hoping for something, you’re actually giving away your power to someone or something else.  You have everything you need within you to make your dreams come true.  Sounds cheesy, but it’s accurate, my friend. 

I’ve always been a natural manifestor and I remember clearly one day, back in 2009, my business school counselor telling me: “Angela, do you realize how quickly you manifest everything into reality?” I remember sitting in his office and a lightbulb went off. It was true.  We met monthly and at our prior meeting, I had told him how I wanted to find a house in Marin County and a good school for my daughter.  Within a few weeks, I had a beautiful apartment in Kentfield, CA and my daughter was enrolled in Bacich Elementary (one of the best public schools in California). It was one of many hopes I had made come true, along with living in a dreamy beach house in Malibu (2005), being in a movie with Steve Carrell (Beautiful Boy - 2018), and becoming pregnant with my son (2019).  

Those are just a few of the biggest dreams I was consciously able to bring to life.  I also have a funny story about my earlier manifestation attempts: 

It was about 2013 and I had been obsessed with Liam Hemsworth ever since seeing him in Hunger Games.  I had also become a huge fan of Pretty Little Liars (a popular tv show).  I decided to create a vision board, not really knowing what I was doing, with a group of my friends.  We bought some magazines, wine, and snacks…turned on some music, and boom! We were in creation mode.  I threw a picture of Liam Hemsworth on mine, as well as the PLL cast.  I also had a beautiful beach house and some other random things on there.  

About 6 months later, I took my oldest daughter on our (annual) Malibu trip.  As we were eating sushi at Nobu in Malibu, I couldn’t believe my eyes: in walked Liam Hemsworth.  I locked eyes with him (perhaps too long as security started inching closer toward me) and I was in shock! I told my daughter about my vision board and we laughed.  

The very next day, we went on a tour of Warner Bros studio and…saw the group of Pretty Little Liars. Again, I told my daughter about it and couldn’t believe my eyes!

Thinking back: I’m not sure exactly what I was hoping for by putting these images on my vision board.  Perhaps I was hoping to meet Liam or someone that looked like him? I still don’t really know.  But it was then that I realized: if I could make these silly things come true with hardly any effort, what else could I manifest? 

I became very interested in manifestation and studied ALL of the books and techniques.  I used my technique recently to receive over $13K.  I still shock myself sometimes! 

I’ll be holding a free workshop next week, so make sure to sign-up here.  I’ll be holding monthly workshops in the future (low cost) and collaborating with others in the manifestation world to help you understand how to do it properly (and what not to do). If you join my course, you’ll get all of these live workshops for free.  (The course begins on February 22nd, but I’m offering it at a low price until February 15th.

The top 3 Manifestation Tips I have for you: 


  • Visualization. Did you know Olympic athletes train in visualization to manifest winning? It’s true.  They actually have coaches specifically to help them with this type of visualization.  They don’t just envision winning, though, they actually envision the entire process. 


For example: an olympic skier would envision being on the ski lift, getting off the ski lift, feeling the wind in their face, hearing their name called out for the race…feeling the cold snow, hearing the crunching sound of the snow as they skied toward the starting line.  Then they imagine the whole race.

Why? Because our brain doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality.  If you envision something clearly, your brain believes it happened. 

I used this trick in high school when I was a cheerleader.  I would get very nervous during performances, so the night before: I would imagine myself doing the routine over and over again, successfully.  I didn’t even realize what I was doing, but perhaps this is why I’ve always been a master manifestor.  You can’t just envision the end goal, you have to envision ALL of the steps to get there.   


  • Journaling / Energy. Every morning I have a very specific technique (I cover it in my course), where I begin with my 5 Daily Desires, followed by my 5 Daily Beliefs, and finally I “script” my day.  I also get in a high vibrational space by writing out what I’m grateful for, grounding, and doing some powerful breath-work / meditation exercises.  It takes about 10 to 15 minutes.   


If you join my course, you’ll receive samples of the journals I mentioned, as well as specific meditations & breath-work samples.

It’s extremely important to manifest from a place of abundance, not lack.  This is why vision boards can sometimes block you because you’re only looking at the end result up on that board, which reminds you that you’re nowhere near your desire.

For example: if you’re hoping to lose 30 pounds and post a picture of yourself from college up on your board, simply looking at this on your vision board can make you feel even worse about yourself because it feels so far away.  But by taking time to close your eyes and get yourself into a high vibrational space, you can envision taking the clear, actionable steps to get there (e.g. taking a pilates class, shopping at the health food store, etc.).  Make a statement to the world, such as: “I am committed to being the healthiest version of myself” and then write down a few small steps you can take to get you there.  I’ll help you and coach you with this very thing in my course! Sometimes we need help from the outside to make our steps clearer.  


  • Abundance vs. Lack True manifestation is getting your body / mind / spirit on board with your desires.  But, it can’t be from a place of lack, it needs to be from a place of abundance. 


For example: instead of saying “I don’t want to be poor any more” or “ I don’t want to date losers any more”...try saying: “I’m committed to becoming abundant and I can’t wait to live in my dream house” or “I’m excited to be in a loving relationship with a mature adult who is on my same level.” 

Can you feel the difference? 

What you focus on, you’ll receive…it’s simply the Law of Attraction.  So, if you’re focusing on the lack of money in your life, that’s what you’ll continue seeing.  Or if you continue telling yourself: “I only date losers, no one cares about me.” That’s what your brain will continue showing you. 

The scientific proof of this is in your RAS (Reticular Activating System).  It serves as a filter for what it believes is important to you (hence the daily focus on your desires and beliefs) and ultimately it portrays how you see the world.  It’s a bundle of neurons in your brain that you can actually train to help you achieve your goals.  Yep, it’s a built-in superpower! I go into this in more detail in my workshop and my course.  

One simple way to think about how your RAS works is this: have you ever thought about buying a specific car? For example: a blue Jeep.  All of a sudden, you’re seeing blue Jeeps all over the place.  That’s not a coincidence (and it’s not magic).  Your brain believes it’s important to you, so it’s showing you the Blue Jeeps.  If you simply train your RAS to see what’s truly important to you (e.g. writing a book), it’ll start showing you opportunities, people, etc. to work toward that goal. 

I hope this has helped you understand how to begin manifesting your dreams.  While the steps are simple, they’re not easy.  It takes consistency, action steps, and clarity to begin seeing results.  That’s why I’ve created my workshops and course: to help you.  It’s my belief that if we’re able to bring our dreams to life, the world would be a better place.  It starts with you.  

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