4 Manifestation Myths - Busted

Jan 24, 2022
Angela Marie Christian
4 Manifestation Myths - Busted

As a finance professional for over a decade, I’ve had some friends ask me lately: “I thought you were in finance? Why are you talking about manifestation and mindfulness?” Valid questions, so let me tell you.  

Ever since I was a teen, I’ve been using manifestation techniques, but it might not be what you think as “manifestation techniques”...and I’ll explain why.

My definition of manifestation: “Preparing your MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT to TAKE the actions to reach your goals.”  My definition of manifestation is not hoping, wishing, and waiting for the Universe (or some other external power) to drop “it” into our laps.  

I’m sure you’re familiar with the book and movie “The Secret,” right?  While it was very inspiring and had a beautiful message, it was mostly based on the Law of Attraction.  Their message failed because it didn’t include the key parts to successful manifesting, leaving about 94% of people (based on a survey) feeling like the Law of Attraction failed them. 

Very simply: manifesting is the power to create the life you want by taking an idea or a vision and turning it into reality.  How do you do this? By getting clear on your goals, re-training your RAS (Reticular Activating System) to make it work for you, clearing emotional blocks, taking small actionable steps, and incorporating feel-good mindfulness practices into your life.    

In a recent workshop over the weekend, I taught for about 50 minutes about what manifestation is and isn’t, as well as provided an activity to begin retraining your brain right away. The replay is still available, you can click here if you’d like to attend a replay.  

Myth #1: Wishing and hoping will make your dreams come true. 

When you hope or wish for things, you’re handing the power to someone else or to outside forces. You are giving away your power. Hoping and wishing assumes someone else is going to solve the problem.  Thoughts become things only when thoughts inspire you to take action. That’s where correct manifestation comes in: 

Manifesting locates and amplifies the power within YOU to take the steps that will change your life. You have all the power you need to make it happen. 

Also, by wishing and hoping for something, you are reminding yourself you don’t have it.  You  cannot manifest abundance in a lack mindset, friend. I know it’s hard sometimes, but you have to truly envision and feel that it’s happening for you.  

Myth #2: Simply making a vision board will help me reach my goals. 

This is an important one: simply creating and then staring at a vision board can give you anxiety and can actually make you feel worse because it can make you feel further away from your goal, especially if you aren’t taking the small action steps. Instead of creating a vision board and hoping it’ll come true: you need to see / feel / and, eventually, believe you can do the work to make it a reality. You need to prepare to manifest all the steps from point a to point z. 

Let’s say you want to open a clothing boutique, for example.  So, you create a beautiful vision board filled with images of boutiques, clothes, models, etc. But if all you do is create the vision board and wait for it to come true, you are going to feel frustrated and confused about where to start. 

However, if you create the vision board and then get clear on small, actionable steps…the outcome will be much different.  For example: you begin watching youtube videos on how to open a boutique or perhaps you talk to boutique owners or perhaps you even get a part-time job at a boutique to see how it operates…all of these actions will tell your brain (particularly your RAS - our built-in superpower) that this goal is very important to you.  Then, you’ll also be visioning yourself taking these steps, as well.  You’ll envision yourself staying in for the weekend to read books on opening a boutique…you’ll envision talking to your friends and families about opening your boutique and receiving support.  You’ll envision taking a business class on how to open a business, etc. 

Now…let’s say: after a long day you come home and take a small step (e.g. watching a webinar on opening a business) and it makes you feel inspired.  So then, when you look at your vision board, your body / mind / spirit will begin to buzz.  When you’re taking all of these steps and feeling inspired along the way, it’s telling your brain this is important.  When you’re envisioning all of the small steps with excitement and anticipation, you are preparing your body for it to happen. 

Make sense? I dig into this a bit more in my workshop.  

Myth #3: I don’t need to take action because my thoughts are enough. 

Thoughts alone will not give you the results you're looking for...or else we'd all be winning the lottery, right? 

Let me share an interesting fact with you: successful athletes use manifestation to win the olympics.  These athletes hire sports psychologists specifically for mental training.  These mental fitness trainers do the mental training with athletes before the Olympics to help them prepare to show up at the olympics and win.

Here’s how: the psychologists would sit down with a skier and ask the skier to describe in detail, with their eyes closed: point a, point b, point c, point d, point e, etc.  Something like this: “Ok, I'm getting off the ski lift, I can hear the crunch of the snow. The wind is blowing, they’re calling my name, I'm feeling the excitement, I feel myself kicking off, etc.” They mentally rehearse, which gets them visually and physically prepared to do it.    

Here’s the key: manifesting will help you prepare to do the work to get your dreams. When you mentally prepare, you also remove imposter syndrome, fear, and all the other emotional blocks. 

As a teen, I was a cheerleader and I would do this at home the night before a rally or football game.  I was terrified of performing, despite being the captain, so I would visualize over and over again, not even knowing the power I had. And let me tell you: it worked!

Myth #4: If I think and envision it for a week (or a month or whatever specific time period), that’s enough.  If it doesn’t work, then it’s a hoax. 

Proper manifestation practice takes consistency.  You cannot do it a few times and then throw your hands up in the air.  With the technology age, we've all become quite impatient right? We are all about that instant gratification.  

But for manifestation to work for you, please release your timeline. And this is where my spirituality comes in: be open to divine timing.  When the time is right, it will happen. If you put a timeline on it, you will create mental blocks for yourself. Know in your heart it’s here, which is easier said than done, I know.  This is why I created a Manifestation Mastery course to assist people ALL along the way. 


There’s a lot more I could speak to here, but I’m trying to be conscious of your time. I have manifested everything from Liam Hemsworth to $13K to free rent, as well as most of the important parts of my life.  There is a scientific method to this and I can teach it to you. 

Another note: whatever it is you’re wanting to manifest, make sure it’s at least 50% believable, otherwise your brain will automatically reject it. Also, you can’t choose unrealistic dreams, such as waking up as a billionaire or waking up on another continent.  

Here’s something you can do today: get very clear on your top goal.  Write it down so you can see it every day.  Then begin brainstorming the small actionable steps and start taking them.  This will tell your brain it’s important to you, which will start showing you clues and opportunities to make it happen. 

We all have this power within us, it just takes the understanding and the proper execution to make your dreams come true.

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