The Two Entrepreneurial Success Factors

Mar 05, 2023
What Silicon Valley is missing.

After working for over a decade in the fast-paced Silicon Valley start-up world, I saw a lot of companies come and go.  I began noticing a trend.

When I pivoted a year ago to begin helping social media influencers and coaches with my fractional CFO services, I recognized it again.

I've worked with businesses who've had $1000 in the bank, $100 million in the bank, and everything in between.  My conclusion: no one is exempt from unconscious money blocks, regardless of how much money they have.  

Definition of Success

How do you define success? Is it money in the bank? Happiness? A sense of satisfaction or pleasure? All of the above? 

I always ask my clients these questions to  understand where we’re starting from and how to set intentions for the future of their business. 

If you’re an entrepreneur, it’s a good idea for you to take a minute and answer these questions.  Notice what thoughts come up, notice what you begin to feel. Our thoughts and emotions need to be congruent with our desires or we’ll always feel like we’re chasing an invisible goal (because unknowingly we’ll be repelling it with our unconscious mind).

The Two Entrepreneurial Success Factors

In 2015, I was extremely ill from mold poisoning.  When traditional Western medicine wasn’t helping me (in fact, it was making me feel worse because they tried to tell me it was all in my head), I began seeking out alternative forms of healing.  I studied with everyone from mystics to shamans to energy magicians and more.  I soaked it all up and began understanding there’s so much more to the world that’s in the “unseen.”

After clearing many of my own blocks, I finally decided I was ready to launch my company: The 5D CFO.  The core of my company encompasses two entrepreneurial success factors: solid 3D Money Systems + 5D Wealth Wiring. 

3D Money Systems

As I discussed in my recent podcast episode on The 5D CFO podcast, it’s crucial to have certain 3D Money Systems in place: 

  • Accurate and up-to-date bookkeeping

  • Quality reporting and financial analysis

  • Efficient processes and procedures

  • Cash flow forecasting

  • Strategy

Without these core components, it’ll be very difficult to succeed as you won’t know where you’ve been (financially) and where you’re headed.  I love helping my clients get their books into a good place, provide efficient financial reporting, and develop a cash flow forecast to know when cash might run out or how certain decisions will affect cash flow (note: over 80% of businesses fail due to poor cash flow management).

5D Wealth Wiring

The majority of our beliefs, habits, and programming were developed in childhood.  As we listened to our parents, teachers, and society talk, we soaked it all in and labeled it as “truth.” This includes our thoughts about money, but also many other things.

Dr. Bruce Lipton talks a lot about how we were being programmed for the first seven years of our life.  And not only that, but 95% of the results in our adult  life come from the programming of our subconscious / unconscious mind during that time. Wherever you might be struggling in life, it’s a peek into what your subconscious mind has been programmed to not support (e.g. wealth). 

If you grew up with parents who said things like” Money is the root of all evil” or “We’ll never be rich” or “Wealth is for them, not us”...these created emotionally charged beliefs in your subconscious that will result in repelling wealth. 

I grew up with all of those phrases and I also saw my parents fight over money.  When you see your caretakers arguing over money (which is very common), this can create beliefs that money is life or death or money = anger & unhappiness.

This is why people who win the lottery typically resort back to their poverty lifestyle within a few years: they grew up with programming that doesn’t support sustained wealth.  In fact, their unconscious mind might even relate it to death.   

This is why I blew through a 6 figure settlement (on top of a 6 figure salary): unconscious programming that made me feel unsafe holding onto large amounts of money. 

Until you clear any lingering unconscious blocks around money, you’ll partake in self-sabotaging behavior, without even realizing it. 

I dive into these blocks with my clients (not always about money, but most are) and I clear the blocks for them.  I don’t ask my clients to learn something new or “heal themselves.” I have the tools and all they have to do is sit back with an open mind and an intention to receive. 

Audit your Systems - Where do you Stand? 

How are your 3D money systems?  How do you feel about your level of success and wealth at the moment? If either is out of whack, it’ll hold you back from where your heart intends to go, which would be a disservice to you and to the world.  

If you’re interested in my 5D CFO services, you can apply here. Or if you want to try out my Money Block Melters Masterclass, pre-register here to lock in a very low price. 

If you enjoyed this article, check out The 5D CFO podcast where I talk about 3D Money Systems, 5D Wealth Potential, and Tools for entrepreneurs.

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