How to Transform Your Life with Thoughts, Emotions, and Words

manifestation mindfulness Apr 04, 2022

Are you feeling like there’s more to life than what you’ve been living? Do you feel like you should be doing “bigger” things? Are you sick of working a 9 to 5 job, barely making ends meet? Do you find yourself repeating the same toxic patterns within relationships? 

If so, I invite you to listen to my recent podcast episode: How to Transform Your Life with Thoughts, Emotions, and Words, where I dive into the power of your mind, emotions, and the words you speak.  I also share some personal stories about how I went from severely unconscious to conscious (hint: it involves a near-death experience, leaving me sick, broke, and homeless). 

I’ve realized the majority of people simply “exist” as society has groomed us to be “good girls” (and strong boys) and follow the path: go to college, get married, have kids, work until you’re too old to enjoy life, then die.  However, a small percentage of us (and I’m happy to say it’s growing) are able to “wake up” and learn how to tap into our built-in superpowers…we then move beyond simply surviving to thriving. 

I liken this to people walking around with a gray cloud around their head.   Within this gray cloud is a negative, automatic loop of: fearful / negative thoughts → low vibrational emotions → words that keep us small.  It seems that only when there’s a near-death experience or something truly life shattering, are we able to clear the gray clouds and see the symbolic blue sky and golden sun.  At that point, we realize there’s so much more to life and it resides in the unseen world.  

The unseen world creates the visible world. 

I want to talk to you for a minute about Universal Intelligence.  We are the only beings on Earth that have conscious thought, which is how we create our realities.  Our thoughts alert Universal Intelligence about how / what we want our life to be.  For example: if you're constantly saying “I can’t afford to go out to dinner” or “I can’t afford to go on vacation,” etc., that will continue to be your sad reality. 

All the information in the world comes from Universal Intelligence.  Have you ever thought about where your thoughts are before they come into your mind? Where is the tree that begins as a seed? Where is the $500K you need for your business? It’s all available and exists in the energetic realm.

How do you work with this unseen energy? It begins in your thoughts…your thoughts dictate reality.  Your thoughts also affect your emotion, which can be done in a positive way to help you or can be done in a negative way, keeping you unhappy. 

Now, if this is hard for you to believe, hear me out: have you ever said a prayer for your baseball team to win? Have you ever knocked on wood? Have you ever had something “unexplainable” happen to you like thinking of someone from long ago and then they call you? Have you ever had a “weird” hair-raising incident? 

To master a beautiful relationship with Universal Intelligence, you first need to acknowledge this larger than life force exists.  And if you’re still struggling, let me take it a step further: do you believe in electricity and gravity?  Assuming so.  Do you see them? No, you don’t.  It’s the same with Universal Intelligence.  

Everything in the Universe is vibrating, buzzing, and moving from the energy it's made up of, including you, your car, money, a rock, etc. We interpret this energy through our senses (for example: our eyes pick up the light, our ears translate the sound, etc.).  However, this is a very limited interpretation of reality and it also gets filtered by what we learn as we grow up, which is why you need to completely redesign the way you think, feel, and speak. 

In my podcast, I speak about how to upgrade your thoughts, emotions, and words. 


We all have a master saboteur in our mind, which is the negative self-talk that’s on repeat: reminding you of all the mistakes you’ve made, bullying you about how unworthy you are, and worrying about your future.  It wants to keep you small and “safe,” therefore, it doesn’t want you to know the truth: you are more powerful than you can even imagine. 

We also created accomplice saboteurs as children to feel “safe.” We ALL did, no matter how “perfect” your childhood was…we all had incidents where we didn’t feel our best or perhaps got bullied, etc.  We typically have about 3 or 4 top saboteurs that helped us as children, but no longer serve us as adults.  In fact, they sabotage our relationships, harm our careers, and keep us playing small. To master your mind, you need to learn which saboteurs you have and then learn the tools to quiet them.  This is where I come in as a Positive Intelligence coach.  

You can take a free assessment here to see which ones are still ruling your life.  If you’d like to go a step further, email me ([email protected]) your results and we can hop on a free 15 minute call. 

Once you understand how to quiet your saboteurs, you can begin building the areas of your brain that hold your higher self (aka The Sage). I teach 10 second - 2 minute focused meditations using your senses to do this, which has been shown to work on MRI scans as early as 6 weeks of daily practice. 

You’ll see very quickly how you can control your thoughts, which you can begin using to improve your reality. 


Our emotions are affected by what we are constantly telling ourselves.  However, you can’t simply repeat mantras that you don’t truly believe in.  If you’re telling yourself: “I love money, money flows to me” or “I’m a love magnet,” but don’t truly believe in that, it’s a waste of time! 

Simply thinking a thought does NOT make it believable. 

Emotions are a very powerful way to amplify the power of a positive thought.  In fact, we are very spiritual beings, therefore, we have a lot going on in the unseen world: beliefs, imagination, intuition, etc.  These all affect our physical reality, so why not use them to improve your life? 

When we’re sad (emotion), we cry (physical); when we’re excited (emotion), our heart races (physical).  It’s all connected!  

I’ve said this many times: awareness is the KEY to freedom and to a life you love! If you start noticing your thoughts and the emotions they create, you’ll become the observer.  Try taking notes about the negative thoughts you hear the most and see how they make you feel.  

In my Manifestation Mastery courses and coaching, I teach my students how to amplify their manifestation by using conscious emotion.  It’s not enough to simply think: “I want to live in my dream house.” You also need to imagine it, feel it, and actually see yourself in the house. 


The words we say will be a direct result of our thoughts and emotions.  If we are feeling crappy and sad about life, we will speak in that way, as well.  However, if you’re feeling aligned with the Universe and truly know in your heart that things are working out in your favor, your words will have a different ring and energetic vibration.  

Once you get your thoughts under control, learn how to use your emotions to amplify your thoughts, then you can begin utilizing the power of your words, as well. 

If you’re constantly walking around saying: “I’m broke” or “I only date losers or unavailable men.” That will continue to be your reality as the Universe is taking note and that’s the vibe you’re putting out. 

However, if you truly believe in your heart that the $10,000 is on its way to you, you can feel it in your hands and know what you’ll do with it, your words will be another way to amplify the power of getting it faster. 

Having faith in what's coming to you raises your frequency, aligning you with all the goods you can imagine! 

Release Victimhood

As I share in my podcast episode, the day I fell to my knees and released my victimhood is the day my whole world changed.  I no longer wanted people to feel sorry for me or to pity me or to help me.  I wanted to step into my power and be the badass bitch I knew I was meant to be.  

I not only released my victimhood, but I began having blind faith in the Universe and knew in my heart good things were coming to me.  

Did this mean my life was filled with pink clouds and rainbows? Hell no.  In fact, just as I thought I could handle anything, I was hit with a very horrific reality and it took over a year for me to get back on track.  It taught me how to see the gift in all things, even when they’re heartbreaking. 

If this interests you and you’d like to learn more, please come join my free workshop this week: The 5 Day Manifestation Bootcamp. You’ll learn all of my secrets and walk away with a daily manifestation practice you can begin implementing immediately. 

Remember: you are a powerful being with a divine spark of light within you.  Your birthright is to be a God** and tap into that Universal Intelligence within and around you.  


**I’m not speaking of the God who sits in the clouds with a beard, judging people and punishing them.  I’m talking about “Creator” or “Source”...a beautiful, miraculous form of energy that created life and resides within all of us.

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