Scale the business of your dreams to the next dimension...

with The 5D CFO Method!

3D Money Systems + 5D Wealth Alignment for Coaches, Influencers & Service Providers  

You're already hitting milestones in your business...

but you don't want to be caught up in the weeds of finance & accounting.  You are the creator and visionary...that's where you shine! 

You've been having a windfall of success, money & impact...

but perhaps you don't have the correct financial structures in place for money to flow in, through, and around.  We will set-up the structures and create efficient procedures that'll help you become a good steward of money.

You've hit a certain level of success, but hit a plateau as money seems to go out quickly...

You keep trying to make more to keep up with what's going out, but this isn't your wheelhouse or passion.  We can create systems that'll help you bring money in, allocate it properly, and create a forecast that'll prevent you from finding yourself in "oh no" moments.  

What makes The 5D CFO extraordinary?

3D accountants & CFOs are often only concerned with reporting your numbers. They focus on the worst case scenarios, thrive in competitive atmospheres, and might even talk down to you (often lacking warmth).

The 5D CFO collaborates with the unseen and is able to guide you towards actualizing your vision of success, while also fulfilling the 3D accounting & financial needs.

With Angela's unique skillset she has been able to help entrepreneurs increase revenue, decrease expenses, and break through their self-imposed limitations (originating and hiding in their unconscious mind).

By doing so, her clients are able to see massive expansion in both their business and life.

If you're ready for more than just number talk and desire a truly transformational finance partner, let's chat and see what magic I can create for you!

The 5D CFO Offerings 

Services range from quarterly, monthly to a la carte, depending on your unique needs. 

Below are some of the services included: 

  • Business Audit with Recommendations
  • Monthly bookkeeping & monthly reconciliation
  • Monthly presentation of financials
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Monthly goal setting & strategy calls
  • Unlimited emails
  • Mindset coaching (utilizing hypnosis and other modalities to clear your financial blocks)
  • Access to The 5D Wealth Wiring Course

No business is too small for a 5D Fractional CFO!  In fact, the earlier you bring on a strategic partner, the greater your chance of success.

Contact me to find out more ([email protected]) or book a call below. 

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