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Manifestation Mastery

A comprehensive course to help you live the life of your dreams! After this course, you'll know exactly what to do when it comes to co-creating your life. 


What you'll get:

  • Weekly live calls
  • 6 Modules of valuable trainings, getting you from Point A to Point Z. See details below. 
  • "Office Hours" in the Facebook Group 2 times per week where I'll answer your questions.
  • 5 Bonuses worth more than the course itself:
    • Intuition Upgrade ($99 value) 
    • Daily Scripting Sheets $40)
    • High Vibe Journal ($17 value)
    • Vision Board creation 101& 45 min session ($175 value)
    • EFT "Tapping" Session ($200 value)
  • Private Facebook group with other Mindfulness Mastery students (only for paid students).

You'll have lifetime access to this course, which means you'll be entitled to ALL future upgrades and updates. 

FAST ACTION BONUSES (if purchased within 48 hours): 

  1. You'll get a 60 minute 1:1 session with me to discuss your manifestation goals and for me to gain a better understanding of your problem areas, which will help you succeed in this course. Value: $200
  2. A 60 minute heart-aligned business strategy session.  With my business background (including an MBA and helping massive amounts of Silicon Valley CEOs succeed), this is a RARE offering. I'll help you strategize an online course, how to start your podcast, or teach you how to start getting in the media. Value: $300

This is an additional $500 free value you'll receive from me as a result of honoring yourself by investing in your future. 

Course begins on May 2nd. 

Module 1: My 5 Step Process for Manifestation Goals: We'll do a Clarity Purification exercise on a Zoom call to ensure your goals are "pure" as we often pick up suggestions from our family, friends, and society. Then you'll dive into the DIY lessons and get really clear on your heart- centered goals before we move forward.


Module 2: My Fast-Track Method to Getting what You Want: On our weekly Zoom call training, I'll teach you how to zoom in, focus, and re-train your brain (your RAS) to get what you desire. I'll also teach you daily practices to amplify this step, as well as creating a unique plan for you. Another key piece of this module is starting to plan out your aligned action steps, which I help you with. In the DIY lessons, I'll teach you more about how and why this works.


Module 3: The Fail-Proof Formula to Flow: Healing Childhood Blocks: Once we're clear on our goals and have our brain on board, it's simply a matter of digging in and clearing out the mess our parents, caretakers, and society created. Most people have no idea what's hiding away in their subconscious as our subconscious began storing information from DAY 1 as FACT. Our conscious brain didn't fully develop until puberty, so there's a lot to clean-up here. This is the foundational piece of my course and why it works. On Zoom, I'll ask you a series of questions to figure out where your blocks are and then we'll remove them.


Module 4: The Formula for Attracting More Wealth, Love, and Success into Your Life…it’s Easier than You Think! This module is all about energy, which seems to be my student's favorite module. Now that we've cleaned out the debris, we can start moving energy, clearing it out, and bringing in the new. I teach you ancient, shamanic healing tools, as well as advanced meditations. I also dive into a Chakra 101 teaching in order you understand how energy works and flows. Finally, I'll go over how to tap into your imagination and re-design it to work with you in your pursuit for magic. This whole module is focused on getting your energy alinged with your desires.


Module 5: Powerful Tools for Manifestation Amplifcation: In this module, I go into extensive detail about the daily practices you can be doing to amplify the power of manifestation. I teach you how to ground and protect your space, run the energy daily, journal, script, and utilize your vision board properly. I also teach you how to get in touch with your spirit team, increase your intution, and flex your mediumship muscles (even for beginners). This is when we'd do your 1:1 Vision Board session, as well.


Module 6: Putting it all Together & Brain Boosters: In this final module, I help you create a plan going forward. I also teach you a unique framework to begin improving the positive areas of your brain (where you higher self resides) and shrinking the areas that hold negative self-talk. The Brain Boosters lesson will provide you with guidance on what to do if you fall back into negative thinking and limiting beliefs.

What People Are Saying:

Wow, I had a HUGE aha moment after Angela walked me through a simple exercise. HIGHLY recommend taking this course, it's worth so much more!

Jodi A.

Angela is the Manifestation Queen! I have known her for over 20 years and she has ALWAYS had a gift for manifesting her dreams.

Liz N.