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Helping conscious entrepreneurs bring their 5D wealth into the 3D world, while creating financial structures that'll encourage a healthy flow of money.

Hi, I'm Angela: The 5D CFOTM, Mindset Expert, & #1 Best Selling Author of Manifestation Mastery.

What is a 5D CFO?
Silicon Valley Finance Gal turned "The 5D CFO," Internationally In-Demand Business Strategist, Manifestation Expert, Podcaster, & #1 Best Selling Author 

In conjunction with over a decade in the Silicon Valley start-up world...

I had been quietly transforming and upgrading with world-renowned healers and spiritual leaders when I had found myself close to death. 

I was able to heal myself from this illness, which was my original mission.  But in doing so, I also began transforming my life from the inside out.  

I had been feeling like there was more to life than meets the eye, but I hadn't done anything to expand on that feeling until I was forced to.  

After learning various healing modalities and finally reaching the tipping point, I was able to clear the majority of internal (unconscious) blocks that were holding me back.

Many business owners and entrepreneurs are finding themselves stuck...unable to push past their self-imposed limits.  I love helping people dissolve these struggles quickly, resulting in more profit and purpose. 

About Me

What is a 5D CFO?

As a 5D CFO, I understand and fulfill the 3D needs of my clients:

  • accurate bookkeeping & records;
  • monthly financial reporting & analysis;
  • cash flow forecasting;
  • strategy & goal sessions, etc.

In addition to that, I'm able to help my clients heal the unconscious limiting beliefs that are holding them back by utilizing various healing modalities, but mostly Rapid Resolution Therapy as it's the fastest way I've found to dissolve blocks.

Your 5D wealth is always available to you, but oftentimes your unconscious mind is blocking it from the 3D world.  I help you get unstuck, which can have a positive ripple effect on all areas of your life. I remove the shackles that have been keeping you stuck in the 3D world (where fear, scarcity, and lack are rampant).  

A 5D CFO is for you if...

You've already hit beautiful milestones in your business, but you don't have a handle on your finances because that's not where your skillset / passion resides.

You've been having a windfall of money, success, and impact, but don't have financial structures in place to sustain a healthy flow of funds.

You've hit a certain level of success, but perhaps hit a plateau because money seems to be going out as quickly as it comes in.

YOU are  the visionary of your business.
YOU are the creator.
You want to be serving your clients, not working on or worrying about your books.
I get that!
I help conscious entrepreneurs focus on the impact they can make in the world, while I create the structures in their business for money to flow in, through, and around in a seamless way. 
My current and ideal clients are: influencers, digital creators, and service providers who are open-minded and ready to level-up.
Click the link below to book a free 30 minute call to discuss whether we'd be a good fit.  I only take on a limited number of clients, therefore, I want to ensure we're in alignment. 
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