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Do you feel stuck in life? Do you feel like you were meant for more? I'll help you find your gifts, heal your blocks, shift your energy, and cultivate the life of your dreams.

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Hi, I’m Angela!

After years of mentoring and transforming with world-renowned healers and spiritual leaders, I was able to heal myself from an illness that brought me close to death.  An unfortunate toxic mold issue in my home left me and my young children sick and homeless in 2015.  While it was a scary time for me, it was a pivotal moment in my life: it's when I heard and listened to "the call."  

I had been feeling there was more to life than meets the eye, but I hadn't done anything to expand on that feeling until I was forced to.  Don't wait until you get sick or lose something precious to "wake up." Let's do it now!

I will help you get clear on your goals with a unique process, I'll help you break-through emotional blocks that are holding you back, and we'll work on cultivating your gifts and powers, working toward manifesting the life of your dreams.


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“Angela taught me to drop the guilt when I had yearnings to pursue my dreams. She is incredibly intuitive and inspiring.”


Elizabeth N.

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Divine Spark

I have ancient offerings to share from the medicine men and women of the South Americas. This has been the most life-changing experience to date. I have passed these on to my children, as well.  These practices will ground you, yet connect you to higher places, as well. If you're ready to begin cultivating your spark, grab my meditation below.

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Mother Moon

I have been mentoring with a master Astrologer for several years. We are working on a book for parents titled "Parenting by the Stars." My offerings will help you have a deeper understanding of yourself and your children. 

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