Silicon Valley Finance Gal turned "The 5D CFO," Internationally In-Demand Business Strategist, Manifestation Expert, & Best Selling Author as seen on ABC, WSJ, Yahoo, Psychology Today, Forbes, TheList.TV, Business Insider & More!

The Universe works in a beautiful and mysterious way.  At times it can all feel like too much to handle...then all of a sudden: BOOM, a breakthrough.  Life can feel like a train flying off the tracks if you don't have the tools to be the conductor. 
Since 2015, I have been immersed in various spiritual, mystical, and mindfulness modalities that have allowed me to transcend 3D living in various ways, which was an entirely new concept to this MBA grad.
It often takes a near-death experience, a tragic accident, or losing everything to finally be open to "alternative" ways of thinking and living.
After multiple break-throughs and intense awakenings, I realized what had been missing in the start-up / entrepreneurial world: a Fractional CFO who understands the various dimensions and can help you bring your 5D wealth into the 3D world. 
 If you've been hitting financial blocks and/or can't seem to hit your income goals (as either an individual or a business owner)'s not your fault.  We all have unhelpful programs in our unconscious from childhood that need to be cleared.  I can help you with that!
If you're ready to find out how you can start tapping into your unlimited abundance, let me know below.