Ex-Silicon Valley Finance Gal turned Internationally In-Demand Transformational Life Coach & Author as seen on ABC, Yahoo, Psychology Today, Forbes, TheList.TV, Business Insider & More!

The Universe works in a beautiful and mysterious way.  At times it can all feel like too much to handle...then all of a sudden: BOOM, a breakthrough.  Life can feel like a train flying off the tracks if you don't have the tools to be the conductor. 
Hi, I'm Angela.  I'm a mother of four and live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband and children. In 2015, after many spiritual calls to pursue my path, disaster struck.  My children and I were near death, completely poisoned by toxic mold within the walls of our home.  As weird as it sounds, this was the beginning of my personal Hero's Journey.
Since 2015, I have been immersed in various spiritual, mystical, and mindfulness modalities:
  • Initiated into the Modern Mystery School;
  • Reiki master;
  • Trained at the Foundation of Spiritual Development ;
  • Studied shamanism with Dr. Alberto Villoldo and
  • Shamanic mentoring with Lisa Watts Smith;
  • Certified practitioner of the Munay-Ki rites;
  • Emotional intelligence training (Lisa Watts Smith & Shirzad Chamine);
  • Trained Astrologer (by Susan St. Thomas);
  • Sacred Contracts student (Caroline Myss);
  • Intuitive Mindfulness Teacher and Coach for Mothers; 
  • Women's group and moon ritual facilitator.
It often takes a near-death experience, a tragic accident, or losing everything to finally say "YES" to the call.  I can help you navigate your gifts and help you with practices to cultivate your dreams.
I received an MBA in 2010 and for the least 13 years, I've been working in the accounting / finance world.  It's my day job, I'm good at it, and I enjoy it.  But it's certainly not my "passion." About 7 years ago, I manifested the ability to work 100% from home, therefore, it gives me more freedom with my children and in pursing my passions.  
After multiple break-throughs and intense awakenings, I decided it's finally time to share my offerings. I'm ready to serve this planet and walk the path that's in the highest good for all. When we don't share our knowledge and wisdom with the world, we aren't doing anyone any favors. There's always someone who could benefit from your unique wisdom.
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Want to learn more about what I can help you with? Sign-up for one of my mini-courses.  There are several to choose from, in addition to my longer course which encompasses all teachings into one, along with bonuses from my spiritual teachers. 

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Moon Magic

Learn about your and/or your child's moon sign: the key to your inner life.  I offer mini-birth chart readings for you and your family.  By learning your child's moon sign, you will understand them on a deeper level and be able to provide them with customized parenting for their unique soul.  

My mentor and I are currently writing a book called Mother Moon: Parenting with the Stars.  Make sure to join my email list to pre-order once it's available!

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Transformational Coaching

My passion is helping people to understand what's blocking them and standing in their way of their desires. This is almost impossible to do on your own.  I'm so grateful to my shaman for helping me work through my blocks in order to embrace the life of my dreams! 

My coaching programs are very unique and catered to the individual.  Whether you're needing help with manifestation, healing, learning magical tools, or needing business guidance, I'm your girl!

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